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Do You Want To Plan Your Own Christian Funeral Service?

Maybe you have given your own death a great deal of thought during this worldwide health pandemic. Has that inspired you to plan your own funeral service? If that's the case, you've come to the right place for ideas that might inspire you.

It might be good for you to examine your own attitudes and beliefs about life and death. Doing so might play a big part in how you proceed with your own funeral service plans. Keep in mind that those you will be leaving behind at the time of your passing away will be grieving over your loss.

Write Your Own Words That Will Comfort And Inspire - Have you considered writing your own eulogy? Your words could reflect a belief that there is life after death. In addition, you could remind your loved ones that all sickness and strife will be set aside and replaced by wondrous joy.

If you are a Christian, your eulogy could also contain your testimony of what Jesus Christ has done for you, and that you are in awe of the fact that you will see Him face-to-face. You will have the opportunity to thank Him for His teachings and for the sacrifice He made for you.

Writing your eulogy will also give you the opportunity to express love and gratitude to those who have been a part of your life. 

​Select Others To Speak On Your Behalf - Maybe you aren't comfortable sharing such deep feelings. In that case, select others who will give talks at your funeral. These individuals could be family members or close friends. As you ask them to give talks at your funeral, ask them not to be sorrowful in their words. Instead, ask them to just tell stories about happy times spent with you. 

Speeches given by family members or close friends could include humorous or tender anecdotes that will bring a happy feeling to an otherwise sad occasion. Don't forget to give pertinent information that you want to be included in the talks. For instance, if you have had a passion for being a school teacher, that could be part of one of the talks. If you have enjoyed your time in being a volunteer at a homeless shelter, that could actually inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Besides the spoken word, think about the music you want at your funeral service, too. Instrumental classical music is a good choice. 

For more information about funeral services, contact a funeral home near you. 

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